Tudor Trust “Quiet Cancels” Hundreds of Charities for Not Being Woke Enough

Tudor Trust Charities

Getting “canceled” comes in many forms. Sometimes, the cancel mob tries to shout you down. Other times, it tries to get you fired, or erased from society overnight.

But there is also another, quieter type of getting canceled—and it’s happening at Tudor Trust.

The major charity is undergoing sweeping changes to its leadership, board, and mission that will take away critical grants from small charities and community groups across the UK. According to the trust, these changes include completely repopulating its board and freezing all grants for 20 months in order to “re-think” its mission and better understand “white supremacy culture.”

Many small charities rely on Tudor Trust grants to keep their lights on. Tudor Trust doesn’t care.

And it gets worse—the money might never be coming back for these charities. According to the Daily Mail, an email was sent to grant recipients that has many worried they will be disqualified from future funding:

“[A]n email sent recently to grant recipients has revealed a planned change in strategy that is likely to bar many charities from applying to the trust in future, MailOnline has discovered.

“Those dealing with mental health support in predominantly white areas could be cut out, for example.

“The email states: ‘We are planning a new approach on which to build a transformed grant-making strategy. The Tudor Trust has operated as a generalist funder and the grant-making strategy has been led by the trustees.

“‘In a new approach we want to put social justice and anti-racism at the core, with an emphasis upon working strategically within a wider range of stakeholders towards systemic change.’”

In other words: if you don’t go woke, prepare to be broke.

The Director of Tudor Trust, Christopher Graves, is stepping down after nearly 40 years at the organization. It’s hard to imagine the exit is unrelated, given the timing.

Graves seems to be taking the high road, at least publicly. He told the press:

“What we have achieved at Tudor over the years has been remarkable and owes much to dedicated trustees and staff putting the needs of applicants first.”

Sadly, the new people running the show at Tudor Trust are showing no such commitment.

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