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Art History Professor Fired for Showing Photo of Muhammad Despite Advance Warnings in Syllabus and In Class

Erika López Prater, an adjunct art history professor at Hamline University in Minnesota, was not invited back for the spring semester after including images of …

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Ontario College of Psychologists Demands Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Submit to Social Media Communication Training for Retweeting Trudeau Criticism or Lose His License

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a best-selling author, podcaster, and clinical psychologist, often faces criticism for his public takes on culture and politics by those who …

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Corporate America

Conservative Christian Foundation Banned by Local Restaurant Two Hours Before Scheduled Event After Employees Refuse To Serve Them

Restaurants across the country — and the service industry as a whole — have been suffering over the last few years thanks to lockdown mandates …

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Corporate America

​​Concerned Mother Fired From Levi’s for Doubting School Closures and Mask Mandates

Jennifer Sey was a top contender to be the next CEO of Levi Strauss & Company until she voiced concerns online about pandemic school closures …

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Corporate America

Libraries Nationwide Cancel Kirk Cameron’s Latest Book Due to His Conservative Views

A member of the Cameron family has once again been targeted for their personal views — this time, Kirk Cameron was denied opportunities to promote …

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K-12 Education

Detroit Board of Education erases Ben Carson from a local school

Once upon a time, a boy from Detroit was born into poverty. His mother worked several jobs and raised the young boy and his brother …

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