This Moms for Liberty Leader is Fighting Back Against Cancel Culture

Nicole Prussman

Nicole Prussman, chairwoman of the Monroe County, Pennsylvania, chapter of Moms for Liberty, became the target of a smear campaign beginning in February 2023, when the parental rights organization started to publicize the inappropriate content found in public school libraries across the nation. Almost instantly, the group and its leaders were targeted by radical progressive activists. 

Doug Turpin, president and board chair of Coalition for Liberty—the nonprofit representing Prussman in court—called the attack “a very organized hit job by a group called Stop Moms for Liberty.

“They planned this. You can even see online how they were getting their members to plot to file harassment charges against Moms for Liberty all across the country. This was a deliberate attempt to cancel Nicole [Prussman] simply because she was speaking out on behalf of children because of inappropriate and highly sexual content,” Turpin told the Daily Signal Podcast. 

“They just tried to destroy Nicole in every possible way.” 

Their efforts culminated in a media outlet inaccurately reporting that Prussman had been arrested. The article also claimed she had been charged with harassment—a charge that no one had informed her of.

“My charges were equivalent to a speeding ticket, and the worst penalty that could have occurred was a $400 fine,” Prussman explained. But, “within a week, that article had spread not only out of my state, but across most of the country, and it took to social media like fire to tissue paper.”

But Prussman won’t allow herself to be destroyed. 

Her legal team appealed the fine, and the charges against Prussman were dropped in full, after the commonwealth couldn’t authenticate any of the claims against her. However, the same outlets who initially reported her arrest have yet to update the public that the charges were dropped, so Prussman is taking action to restore her name and her credibility. 

Turpin has said that, “the only way to stop cancel culture attacks like the smear campaign against the Moms for Liberty leader is to hold the attackers accountable.”

She is now suing for defamation. To learn more about Prussman and the ongoing legal efforts, listen to the Daily Signal Podcast episode

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