Royal Commentator Canceled for Innocent Comments About Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Kinsey Schofield

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield is being harassed after joking about Meghan Markle’s comments that she and her husband, Prince Harry, are regulars at their local In-N-Out Burger. Now, fans of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—known as the Sussex Squad—are trying to get her fired. 

It started when YouTube influencer Andy Signore joked in a recent livestream that he and his followers should stage a “TMZ-Style Worldwide Privacy Tour” around the couple’s town of Montecito, California—a reference to the South Park episode that satirized them for seeking publicity while saying they wanted to be left alone. 

During the livestream Schofield said that she would not be taking part in any of those activities, but suggested they try the local In-N-Out Burger if they wanted to spot Meghan, since she claimed to go there so often. 

Team Sussex supporters went after Signore and schofield, with noted supporter Christopher Bouzy going so far as to say the couple should file restraining orders against them in a Newsweek piece by their Chief Royal Correspondent Jack Royston. Signore has had private information about him and his family shared online in the wake of the ginned-up scandal, and even Schofield has been targeted for repeating Markle’s claims that she enjoys the local fast food restaurant. 

The online harassment Schofield received included comments about her mental health, blaming her for any future harm that may come to the family, accusing her of inciting violence against them, and referencing the “karma” that was coming for her. Several people even tagged the FBI, local police, and other law enforcement entities, as though an international team of law enforcement needed to step in to protect the duke and duchess from her.

As a Los Angeles native, Schofield could easily drive to Montecito should she desire a day of Sussex spotting, but has never gone. That hardly seems like the behavior of a fan, let alone a stalker against whom a restraining order might be required. 

In a bizarre turn, the online mob went after Rep. Mike Schofield of the Texas House of Representatives. They assumed (incorrectly) he is Kinsey Schofield’s father simply because they share a last name, saying in a large number of tweets that he should feel “shame,” needs to know that his “daughter” is “encouraging stalkers,” and asking him to have her investigated.

That’s what happens when people are unfairly targeted for cancellation—innocent people are dragged into it, harassed, and have to waste time filtering through “tips” that are completely worthless. Ms. Schofield shared no private information and even stated outright she wasn’t interested in seeing the Sussex family should the event—which is not even real—actually take place. People are allowed to hold unpopular opinions, and a difference of opinion is not a threat to anyone.

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