Libraries Nationwide Cancel Kirk Cameron’s Latest Book Due to His Conservative Views

Kirk Cameron

A member of the Cameron family has once again been targeted for their personal views — this time, Kirk Cameron was denied opportunities to promote his latest book to millions of American families and children. 

After releasing his latest book, As You Grow, Cameron began advertising his book tour to bookstores and public libraries — a typical promotion, particularly for children’s books. Cameron reached out to more than 50 public libraries to inquire about doing a story hour for children and their parents — and was denied or ignored every time. 

But Cameron pushed back. Seeing that many of the libraries — some of which, like the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island, denied him based on a difference of “messaging” — allowed drag queens to host story hour for children, Cameron announced that he would “assert” his “rights in court.”

As a result, two public libraries — which had previously denied him a spot — are now in communication with Cameron’s publisher about scheduling bookings. 

Cameron declared it a “win” to Fox News Digital, saying he’s “happy” that the libraries changed course to “allow his voice to be heard.”

It should not take a threat of legal action for publicly funded community institutions to accept authors and stories of all viewpoints. The same libraries originally refusing Kirk Cameron for his faith-based views responded to the outrage over drag queen story hour by claiming they were being open-minded and representing a wide range of viewpoints. 

True representation comes only from encouraging all views — even when they diverge from the typical woke perspective. The two libraries that eventually recognized this — instead of responding with the urge to silence and cancel Cameron — did what’s right, and what’s good for society and free thought. The remaining 48 public libraries should take note. 

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