Harvard Cancels Provocative, Trailblazing Black Professor

Roland Fryer, Jr.

Harvard economics professor Roland Fryer, Jr. was one of the most renowned professors in the country. His commonsense, evidence based, truth-focused approach to studying provocative topics that challenged preconceived notions in academia and society earned him an appointment to the executive board of the American Economic Association, a MacArthur “genius” grant, and the John Bates Clark medal given to the best economist under 40 in the world. 

Fryer’s groundbreaking research touched on performance gaps in low-income K-12 institutions, the cultural and socio-economic factors that influence black student achievement, law enforcement use of force, and racial bias. His findings were often unpopular as they completely contradicted the woke narratives many at Harvard and throughout academia wanted to promote.

In 2018, Fryer was investigated for sexual harassment and, in direct conflict with investigators’ recommendations that he simply receive additional training, was banned from campus, and his award-winning research lab was shut down. New, previously unreported evidence finds that the allegations were unfounded and Fryer was canceled due to ideological targeting by those with the most to “lose” from his work. Harvard reinstated Professor Fryer’s teaching privileges in July 2021 after a two-year suspension. However, they have yet to clear his name and continue to subject him to “conditions” on his teaching and research and have barred him from holding any supervisory position until 2023.

Take Action

Contact Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Claudine Gay and urge her to reinstate Professor Fryer’s full privileges without restrictions. 

Email: fasdean@fas.harvard.edu

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