Google Executive Who Reported Sexual Harassment Fired for “Non-Inclusivity”

Ryan Olohan

Ryan Olohan, New Jersey husband and father of seven, was a high-ranking executive at Google with a sixteen-year tenure filled with accolades and promotions. 

In fact, in mid-2022, he was elevated to managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants. 

On the side, Olohan founded an ice cream parlor — Seven Scoops — designed to increase opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome to work and engage with their community. 

The shop’s motto: “Many Flavors, One Community.”

Seven Scoops also donated more than $70,000 to vulnerable individuals in their New Jersey community in its first six months of operation and hosted a “camp-out” where dozens of children slept in tents outside Seven Scoops to raise awareness for the homelessness crisis. 

To all who know him, Olohan was a model of empathy, inclusion, diversity, and high achievement. 

Which is why it was so shocking when he was fired last August for “failing to be inclusive” and for “microaggressions” against one of his employees, Tiffany Miller.

The accusations go back to an incident that allegedly occurred in December 2019. At a company dinner, Olohan claims that Miller touched him inappropriately and referenced that she “knew he liked Asian women” (Olohan’s wife is Asian). He reported the harassment to human resources (HR) the next week. Olohan was told it was just “Tiffany being Tiffany” and was informed that if the roles were reversed (female complaint against a male), it would have been a bigger deal. 

Instead, nothing ever resulted from the complaint. In fact, it only served to increase harassment directed at Olohan. 

Miller started reporting Olohan to HR for ‘microaggressions’ which were labeled by others as “petty.” 

In December 2021, Miller loudly insulted Olohan at a company event, stating that she “‘disagreed with him 70 percent of the time’ and ‘did not like him 70 percent of the time.’” Following this incident, Miller apologized to Olohan and stated that she was very drunk at the time. 

Then, in February 2022, Olohan reported that Google’s Vice President of Consumer, Government, and Entertainment informed him that there were “obviously too many white guys” in his division and later asked him to fire a male member and replace him with a female member and to only hire females in the future. 

Once again, in April 2022, Miller mocked Olohan during a company event at a karaoke bar, referencing his preference for Asian women. 

Finally, in August, he was fired via video conference. According to the explanation provided by the Google Employee Investigations team, which concluded that he “had shown favoritism towards high performers, which it considered ‘non-inclusive,’ and commented on employees’ walking pace and hustle, which it considered ‘ableist.’”

This is a stark contrast to the observations of his family, friends, and even reporters who have featured him over the years as a pillar of his community. 

In response to an interview with Olohan in 2020, Thrive Global’s Rebecca De Ornelas said:

“After speaking with Ryan, it’s clear that Seven Scoops and Sips certainly lives up to its promise: ‘giving back has never been sweeter.’ Aside from being the highest rated ice cream shop on Google and Yelp in New Jersey, it’s known for being a place where everyone is welcome.

“Whether it’s at work, in the community, or at home, the passion for excellence, for doing better every day, and positively affecting the people around him is his driving force. ‘I’ve just tried to do the right thing,’ he says, ‘and be decent and work hard and just keep my head up. From there, the opportunities present themselves. They always do.’

In response to his termination, Olohan filed a lawsuit against Google and Miller in November, citing sexual harassment, gender discrimination, race discrimination, and retaliation.

Harassment and discrimination are wrong and have no place in the workplace — no matter one’s gender or race. 

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