Former big law equity partner ousted for expressing her views on Dobbs ruling

Robin Keller

After a pristine law career spanning 44 years, Robin Keller found herself with terminated contracts and fractured relationships with major law firms—for simply expressing her views. The global law firm Hogan Lovells terminated Keller’s existing contracts after they deemed her voicing her opinion a violation of the firm’s anti harassment policy. 

Keller’s crime? Voicing her support for the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade in June. 

In the wake of the Court’s decision, Hogan Lovells organized an online call for female employees advertised as a “safe space” for discussion. Keller, a retired equity partner who retained clients with the firm, was the sole participant in support of the Dobbs ruling—and received immediate blowback as a result. 

Keller was expecting outrage from other participants—but she was surprised by the firm’s handling of the situation. In response to a formal complaint filed against Keller for her remarks on the conference call, Hogan Lovells suspended Keller, removed her from internal systems, cut off client communication, and made public statements expressing the “devastating impact” her view carried. After Keller filed her own complaint, the firm launched an investigation, only to ultimately terminate all her contracts. Fearing poor publicity and following a woke agenda, other firms refused to engage with Keller. 

Keller has become the latest public victim of woke corporate America’s cancel culture, simply for offering a dissident opinion—one that she knows others at Hogan Lovells privately share. Companies acquiescing to the demands of a woke mob do not further civil debate; instead, it makes individuals fearful to execute their first amendment right, lest their views be divergent.

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