Eventbrite Erases Event Featuring Detransitioner Chloe Cole

Chloe Cole

When Palmetto Family Council wanted to host an event on the dangers of treatments that alter the reproductive anatomy of children, they knew exactly who the guest speaker should be: Chloe Cole.

Cole’s personal story is one that deserves to be told. At age 13, she began taking wrong-sex hormones — testosterone — and puberty blockers. Two years later, before she was even old enough to drive a car in most states, she was convinced by the adults in her life to undergo a double mastectomy.

Today, Cole realizes she was far too young to consent to such procedures intended to alter sex characteristics, but it’s too late—the full effects of those medical interventions are irreversible. She has since detransitioned, but she can never fully go back to how she was before. The scars remain.

Cole has bravely dedicated her life to traveling the country and sharing her story, in hopes to educate families on the risks of these procedures and the lifelong damage they can inflict on children who later regret having them. She even testified before Congress.

So when Cole agreed to headline the Palmetto Family Council’s “Stop The Insanity” event, it got a lot of attention. Tickets were available for sale on Eventbrite—until they weren’t.

On September 29, Eventbrite notified the Council that the event had been removed because it somehow violated the platform’s “community guidelines and terms of service.”

The erasure did not go unanswered. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson sent a letter to Eventbrite—along with Attorneys General from 18 other states—seeking clarification on its policies regarding censorship.

“As Attorneys General of our respective states, we take great interest in protecting the free flow of speech within our borders,” the letter states. “Your recent actions give us great concern that your widely-relied-upon platform stifles this flow, and possibly misleads consumers as to the scope of messages that are permitted on your site.

“As a result, we request clarification from you as to how Chloe’s account of her own transgender experience is allegedly ‘Hateful, Dangerous, or Violent,’ and what you will do going forward to ensure your event-screening policies are politically unbiased and respectful of freedom of speech. We look forward to hearing from you within 30 days of this letter.”

As of November 1, Eventbrite has not responded. Cole is disappointed by the deplatforming, but she isn’t surprised.

“Eventbrite has been carrying water for child mutilation agendas and silencing the voices of detransitioners for as long as we’ve been speaking out about our experiences,” Cole says.

And she’s right—Eventbrite has a history of erasing events that conflict with any aspects of the transgender movement, even at the expense of women and children.

In July, the company erased an event called Let Women Speak Austin, which advocated for the protection of women’s privacy in “bathrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, shelters, prisons, and dormitories.”

Eventbrite has made its position clear. The company does not object to irreversibly tampering with the bodies of children—only the stories of those who survived it.

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