Etsy and Paypal Ban Entrepreneur For Merchandise Affirming Biological Sex Is Real

Colin Wright

Colin Wright is a biologist, editor, author, and social media commentator who currently publishes the popular Reality’s Last Stand on Substack. Wright left his career in academia two years ago following years of frustration with academia’s refusal to admit that biological sex is real — there are two sexes and that there are real differences between males and females. In addition to his writing (and to help pay the bills), Wright launched an Etsy store where he sold branded merchandise featuring designs aligned with his work. 

Recently, he was shocked to find out that his Etsy store and account had been permanently revoked. Why? Etsy claimed that the merchandise, which features the word “reality” along with male and female symbols to support his belief in biological reality, violated a policy aimed at preventing the sale of products that promote violence toward protected groups. Apparently biological sex is a forbidden reality. 

Etsy’s AUP allows for a standard review process for the flagged content — a review, a formal written warning about a violation of the AUP, and a three-strikes rule prior to removing an account. Wright was not afforded this process, and Etsy does not offer an appeal process when they decide to remove an account either — just overt cancelation with no reason or response. 

The deplatforming didn’t stop there — soon after, Wright received a notification from PayPal that it was also permanently removing his account, claiming that his business (donations from supporters of his writing) was “risky.” And not only did PayPal remove his account, it is withholding the funds in it for 180 days before it will consider releasing them. 

Wright was left without two avenues to earn a living while other accounts blatantly violate the Terms of Service of both companies and are still active selling products and receiving funds. 


Take Action

Tell Paypal and Etsy to reinstate Colin Wright’s accounts and to apply the “rules” consistently to users. 

  • Call Paypal and tell them that you do not support the unfair application of their terms of service and would like to see them reinstate Colin Wright’s account.
  • Tweet at PayPal’s CEO to reinstate Colin Wright’s account.
  • Tweet at Etsy and demand that they apply their terms of service consistently to all stores and reinstate Colin Wright’s store Reality’s Last Stand.
  • You can also donate directly to Colin Wright here
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