Comedian Amy Schumer Targeted for Her Support of Israel

Amy Schumer

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer is no stranger to controversy, but in the past, her outspoken posts and comedic rants have largely been targeted at those on the right of the political spectrum. For the past two months, however, Schumer has been targeted by individuals and groups among her own camp, who claim the comedian must be canceled for her support of Israel.

Immediately after the October 7 terrorist attacks against Israeli women, children, and men, Schumer took to Instagram to voice her support for Israel and to condemn the actions of Hamas, writing, “Hamas doesn’t want end to occupation. They want to eradicate Israel.”

The following day, Schumer reshared an Instagram post that condemned the so-called activists who were attempting to justify the actions of Hamas and the brutal rape and killings that Israeli women and children were enduring. Over the following weeks and months, Schumer continued to loudly support the Jewish people in Israel and around the world, sharing images and videos of hostages and denouncing attacks on Jews worldwide. Schumer was also vocal in her denouncement of anti-Muslim attacks, specifically the anti-Muslim attack that killed six-year-old Wadea Al-Fayoume in Chicago on October 16, and in her sympathy for the loss of Palestinian lives.

Her posts culminated in an October 17 Instagram story, where Schumer accused the media of “blaming Israel” for the explosion that took place in the parking lot of al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City “without fact checking.” 

Almost immediately, woke progressives took to social media to denounce Schumer and assert that she be canceled. 

One user wrote, “If cancel culture was actually a thing, Amy Schumer and all her genocidal friends would never work again.”

Schumer has remained strong in her support for Israel while turning off comments on her Instagram account, seemingly ignoring the backlash. The calls for her cancellation have increased as actors elsewhere have been fired from projects for their support of Palestine, including Melissa Barerra. 

“Reminder that Amy Schumer and Tara Strong both posted insanely harmful, Islamophobic, racist videos/images towards Palestine and got zero repercussions at all :)” wrote one user on X. 

But along with the cries for canceling her, Schumer has also received support for her stance on Israel, with actors like Kate Hudson writing their love for her. Schumer has continued voicing her support into December, and it looks like no amount of pressure from the woke mob can silence her. 

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