Board-certified specialist and healthcare expert targeted by social-justice mob

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb

A leader in the healthcare industry — who serves as chairman of a nonprofit organization that seeks to fight against radical ideology in the healthcare space — has become the latest victim of woke cancel culture. 

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the former professor and associate dean for curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the current chairman of Do No Harm, was recently fired by UpToDate — a leading source of clinical trends and resources for physicians. 

Prior to his termination, Dr. Goldfarb — a board-certified kidney specialist — served as a nephrology editor-in-chief for UpToDate. But days after he was the target of an opinion piece on a medical website, Dr. Goldfarb received a formal notice that his role with UpToDate was terminated. 

In addition to asserting that Dr. Goldfarb was biased in his patient recommendations, the opinion piece claimed Dr. Goldfarb was a racist and called for his firing from the medical publication. 

Dr. Goldfarb believes that the focus on identity politics in medicine has the potential to harm patients and act as a barrier to would-be physicians who worry that they could be the next target of cancel culture. His passion for preserving science and the medical field’s objectivity is what drives his work at Do No Harm, where he and his colleagues seek to promote fairness, equal access, and personalized, quality care for patients. 

But that same work — in pursuit of preserving the healthcare system for the benefit of all Americans against a social-justice mob — is what has caused the mob to target him. Despite his termination from UpToDate, Dr. Goldfarb’s message will still be heard by the physicians, patients, and Americans who are willing to listen: The ideologically driven takeover of healthcare will divide physicians and patients and put the well-being of patients at risk. 

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