Activist and “Former Trans Kid” Chloe Cole Censored on Instagram for “Encouraging Violence”

Chloe Cole

Self-described “former trans kid” Chloe Cole has been censored by Meta over what the tech giant deems “violence” that is in violation of Instagram’s rules. There’s just one problem: The violence is her lived experience.


Cole—who was put on puberty blockers and hormones at 13, underwent a double mastectomy at 15, and had detransitioned by 16—posted to X (formerly Twitter) that Facebook flagged her Instagram bio as too violent, and that her account and its content would not be shown to non-followers.


“Facebook has notified me that my instagram bio is too ‘violent’. If you think reading it is violent, imagine actually living through all that!! Cole posted.


In an Instagram post, Cole revealed that her account had been flagged for not following the company’s “Recommendations Guidelines.” As a result, her “account and content won’t appear in places like Search, Suggested Users, Reels, and Feed Recommendations.”

 Cole has been an outspoken advocate against children transitioning, pulling heavily from her own lived experience and the medical nightmare she went through as a result of “being lied to” and “pseudoscience.”

Cole recently testified at a U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee meeting on so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors, telling lawmakers “I didn’t need to be lied to. I needed compassion. I needed to be loved. I needed to be given therapy that helped me work through my issues, not affirmed my delusion that by transforming into a boy, it would solve all my problems.” Her testimony served as a warning against what she calls “one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America.”

Cole—like most other teenagers—frequently used her social media accounts to share stories of her life and spread awareness of the horrors she endured—that still have ramifications on her life today. She took to Twitter to lament the fact that her Instagram account was censored, removing a creative outlet she loved:

Some conservative news outlets and many in the public have come to Cole’s support amid the censorship, but her account continues to be silenced from sharing the trauma that she endured—and the pain that she desperately wants other families to avoid.

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Let Instagram know you disagree with their actions censoring Chloe Cole’s profile and that they should fully restore it ASAP: 


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