Rhode Island Mother Banned from Twitter, Sued by Teachers’ Union for Demanding Curriculum Transparency

Nicole Solas

When Nicole Solas inquired about the curriculum her daughter would be taught at her local public school, she never imagined she would be labeled a racist, slapped with a lawsuit, and billed $74,310 as a result.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Now, Nicole has been banned from Twitter — her account suspended after she sounded the alarm on sexualized content for children and called out the hypocrisy of the state representatives supporting it.

Unfortunately, Nicole is used to being silenced by institutions.

[In 2021,] Nicole submitted 200 public record requests in her quest for transparency after she became concerned about the integration of Critical Race Theory and gender theory into her daughter’s kindergarten curriculum. She had been met with silence at every request of her local teachers, administration, and local Department of Education. Nicole’s local school board had gone so far as to hold a meeting dedicated to considering a lawsuit against her for filing what they deemed too many information requests. The meeting ended with Nicole branded as a racist for seeking information about what her children were being taught.

The public record requests — filed through the Access to Public Records Act (APRA )— were her final attempt. But instead of the answers that she was owed as a parent and taxpayer, after filing the requests, Nicole was met with a lawsuit from the state affiliate of the National Education Association — the largest teachers union in the nation.

While Nicole was being targeted by the government union bureaucracy, she was quietly gaining supporters. Parents on both sides of the political aisle came forward in support of her commitment to her children and her tenacity to stand up to the institutions trying to suppress her. Her supporters took to Twitter, where she amassed more than 26 thousand followers and continued to fight for education transparency and parents’ rights.

Her voice was loud enough that Twitter sought to censor her. Nicole’s Twitter account was permanently suspended — banning her from the platform — after Twitter claimed she was in violation of the company’s rule against “hateful conduct” for the following quote Tweet:

Nicole is one of the latest voices to be silenced on Twitter for challenging the status quo — or for simply having a divergent opinion. According to Nicole, the efforts to silence her voice show that organizations are threatened by her pursuit of the truth and transparency — because they know they have something to hide from parents.

Despite every effort from left-leaning corporations and the government to stifle her, Nicole is standing strong in her quest to shine a light on the takeover of our public schools.

“…Even though Twitter banned me, and the teachers’ union sued me, I’m still not silenced. Canceled is not the end — it’s the beginning of the resistance,” Nicole said.

Take Action

Demand that Twitter restore Nicole’s Twitter account https://twitter.com/Nicoletta0602 

Tweet at the National Education Association and ask them to drop their suit against Nicole



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