Latino Utility Worker: I Was Fired After Stranger Claimed Cracking My Knuckles Was Sign of ‘White Power’

Emmanuel Cafferty

A former San Diego Gas and Electric employee, Emmanuel Cafferty was followed by a stranger who took a photo of Cafferty while his arm hung out the window of his company truck. The picture got posted on Twitter, along with the allegation Cafferty was making a “white power” hand gesture of white supremacists. Cafferty claims he was just cracking his knuckles. Soon after the encounter, Cafferty reports he was suspended, then fired. Cafferty told the local press he is Mexican-American and comes from a diverse family of all races, that he’s proud of SDG&E for taking any allegations of racism seriously, but he wants his job back. The San Diego NBC affiliate spoke to the man who posted the picture on Twitter and reported: “He has since deleted his account and said he may have gotten ‘spun up’ about the interaction and misinterpreted it. He says he never intended for Cafferty to lose his job.”

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