Georgetown University newspaper rescinds candidate endorsement due to attendance at conservative campus event

Alyssa Hirai

Alyssa Hirai is a well-rounded, civics oriented, active sophomore at Georgetown University. Which is why The Hoya, the University’s student newspaper, endorsed her for the Georgetown University Student Association vice president on November 10, 2022. 

In its glowing endorsement, the paper stated that Hirai and her fellow endorsee Camber Vincent would make the campus safer, more equitable, and more supportive overall. The Editorial Board, made up of students and chaired by the paper’s opinion editors, touted the pair’s experience and extensive platform of proposals to improve dining and transportation, communication, and overall community engagement, among other items. 

In addition, the Board praised Vincent and Hirai for building strong relationships with University administrators. 

“Thanks to their experience in GUSA, Vincent and Hirai have established connections within the university administration and the wider community that they plan to leverage for the good of the entire student body.”

Which is why many were shocked when, just one day later on November 11th, when the editorial team rescinded their endorsement of the ticket.

In a lengthy explanation, the Board revealed that following the publication of the endorsement, they received a “tip” that Hirai attended an event sponsored by the Georgetown chapter of the Network of enlightened Women (NeW). The tipster was concerned that the event was geared toward conservative women. 

Hirai had attended other NeW events in the past along with the numerous events she attends across campus on a regular basis. The Board acknowledged knowing about her attendance at conservative events and claims this is not the reason they rescinded the endorsement. 

Yet, the Board detailed that NeW would also be hosting Riley Gaines, a 12x All-American swimmer, women’s rights rising star, and spokeswoman for Independent Women’s Forum, on campus and critiqued Gaines’ stance on male athletes participating in women’s sports and appearances on the conservative speaking circuit. 

Calling Gaines “transphobic,” the paper asked Hirai to denounce NeW as an organization and to denounce or apologize for her past attendance at NeW events. Rather, Hirai chose to denounce the event featuring Gaines. 

Despite this, the paper rescinded the endorsement because, they claim, they couldn’t do a full investigation into her past support or attendance at events. 

The paper provided a glowing endorsement of Hirai and Vincent prior to the “tip” being received — and while fully knowing Hirai had attended NeW events in the past. 

It is clear that the paper rescinded the endorsement not because of her qualifications but because they disagreed with her political ideology — showcasing a complete lack of tolerance for diversity of thought and belief. 

The good news is, despite being canceled by the paper, Vincent and Hirai won their election with 55% of the vote.

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Contact The Hoya’s Editorial Board and let them know they should encourage candidates for GUSA to come from diverse backgrounds and belief systems — and not bend to the will of woke activists seeking to cancel those with conservative backgrounds. or 

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